Friday, July 4, 2008


So this is the next step of the bug hatching process. I took my original sketch, scanned it, adjusted the image size to fit on a 4' X 6" postcard, darkened up the line quality and then printed a copy of it. At this point I go completely old school and rub a soft graphite pencil on to the back of the bug image, tape it to a piece of beautifully measured and cut piece of linoleum and then trace the image. After I finish the tracing, I take the copy off, and go back into the drawing on the linoleum making any line quality adjustments or any other changes I feel necessary. I usually have an idea of what kind of changes I want to make from the original sketch, other times, the variations caused by the processes involved create interesting adaptations of the image and i work with that.

Next, it's time to open a beer, Sapporo please, put some good music on, (tonight's selection, a little something from 1986 - PIL/Public Image Limited to start out) and get to cutting the image out. If you're new to linocuts, I would suggest foregoing the Sapporo part of this stage. P.S., the only time I injure myself during the cutting stage has to do with old, brittle/hard, slippery pieces of linoleum, new cutting nibs, and or someone distracting me. Otherwise, once I start, I go into a bit of trance, break out in a sweat and forget where I am. LOL

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