Monday, May 26, 2008


When I started my PORTRAIT mailart call last May I thought it would be a hell of a lot more interesting if I created a creature to essentially "hold" the stamp on the back of the post cards that I sent out. After all part of the whole mailart experience for me is seeing what kind of stamps or decoration people put on their postcards/mailart. Just knowing that some crazy looking image has passed through any number of hands across the globe gives me a bit of a thrill. With that in mind, I've created a series of BERUBE-BUGS who I call, stamp-lickers. Granted they don't all have tongues and nowadays you don't even need saliva to make the stamps stick, but there's something about the phrase, "stamp-licker" that just sounded right to me. As I get bored with seeing the same stamp-licker over a period of time, I mix it up a bit and give birth to a new one. Throughout the PORTRAIT project there were 4 different lickers ranging from one who looked more like he was eating the stamp to the last one who had a trunk-like appendage who seemingly used suction power to hold the stamp as his serpent-like tongue moistened it.

In keeping with the tradition of the stamp-licker, I've created a new one to go out with my BERUBE-BUGS postcards. I decided to mix it up even more and incorporate my return address into this guy, (less writing, more creating).

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